Fabrication Material Control

Company Name:
Linde Process Plants
Responsible for stocking and inventorying shop materials.
Load and unload trucks.
Stock and issue materials, accept/reject material based upon P.O., Specifications & other requirements
Maintain stock record system.
Count, handle and store all parts and materials in proper location.
Productivity level must consistently equal the Company's established productivity requirements, as defined by work instructions.
Workmanship must meet the Company's quality standards.
Follow LPP safety policies and procedures as outlined in the Safety Manual.
Instruct and direct work of others.
Satisfactorily complete OSHA Forklift Training Course.
Two years applicable Material Control or related experience.
Perform assignments with minimal supervision.
Read and interpret drawings.
Read & Write legibly.
Advanced knowledge in proper operation of semi-trucks, trailers, forklifts, overhead and yard cranes.
Advanced knowledge of carbon and alloy steel pipe, valves, plate, structural material, instrumentation and electrical materials.
Able to safely and efficiently move heat exchangers, vessels, piping and other materials.
Be proficient with rigging techniques for heavy lifts.
Must demonstrate the desire to perform in a professional manner as a member of a team, as well as a team leader, to give inputs on activities that will help complete project assignments in a timely and efficient manner while upholding the quality and safety standards.
Date: 2014-09-15
Country: US
State: OK
City: Catoosa
Postal Code: 74015
Category: Fabrication

Don't Be Fooled

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