Sr. Accountant/Controller

Company Name:
What are the main responsibilities of this position?
is in charge of running the accounting department. This position is primarily responsible for managing the general accounting, payroll, financial reporting, budgeting, and cost accounting

What all does this position entail?
The following represents the majority of the duties performed by the position, but is not meant to be all inclusive nor prevent other duties from being assigned when necessary.

Directs and supervises the work of the accounting departmental personnel; determines work priorities; schedules work assignments, interviews and recommends candidates; evaluates, orients, counsels, and trains subordinate personnel and recommends associated personnel action.
Defines annual objectives for the department and develops the operating plans to achieve its goals. Develops financial operating programs to comply with organizational program requirements.
Evaluates the performance of the department in accomplishing various objectives, prepares reports on specific activities, and initiates corrective action to resolve undesirable variances in performance.
Analyzes the effectiveness of financial programs and recommends changes to meet the goals and objectives of the programs.
Identifies, develops and recommends new or revised internal standards, policies, operating procedures and new programs to improve efficiency and provide staff with clear and concise written guidelines.
Compiles and evaluates financial information, evaluates financial statements of business tenants and prospective tenants, develops recommendations, and prepares reports and monthly financial reports.
Develops historical and prospective financial information to prepare information for the development of the annual budget. Monitors financial expenditures and explains variances with budgeted data.
Creates and maintains the filing systems for accounting and personnel records and papers in compliance with HIPPA and other regulations.
Coordinates the staff's preparation of work papers and reports for the outside auditing firm conducting the annual fiscal year audit.
Compiles and evaluates timekeeping and deduction information, calculates the payroll, distributes payroll and benefit deposits, prepares payroll tax and payroll insurance reports, and distributes reports to external agencies or vendors.
Creates and verifies journal and
entries to maintain correct accounting balances and execute year-end accounting procedures.
Creates and maintains the depreciation schedules for the inventory of property.
Monitors the lease renewal and rental rate adjustment dates, computes adjustments to lease rental rates, notifies lessee of new rates, and initiates changes to correct billing entries in the computer.
Reconciles the bank statements for checking and savings accounts.
Initiates back up procedures of accounting department?s computers and network computer system.
Updates and maintains an accounting procedures manual.
Who does this position supervise?
This position directly supervises the Accounting Clerk Specialist.

What background is required to be successful in this role?
The position requires a Bachelor's Degree in accounting or finance.

The position requires five to seven years of experience as a full charge
. A CPA is preferred, but not required. Prior experience with auditing is a must.

The position must be competent in the use of Microsoft Word and an accounting software. Experience with Southware is preferred, but not required.

The candidate must possess well-developed analytical skills to conduct the required financial analyses and resolve accounting problems.

Good written and verbal communication skills are required to develop reports containing financial recommendations and explain them to senior
and the board.

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